Employers - Introduction

Our Head of Adult Learning leads our employer and learner engagement relationship initiative. As a small independent training provider, we are always willing to widening our relationship with employers to provide front-line support to them in the recruitment, training and development of their staff. 

Opportunity occasionally occurs that we might need to place our learners to work in support of achieving their qualification; we are much pleased to work in partnership with your organisation.

We have a long-established reputation of training learners; we are therefore able to support you in recruiting adult learners training and will also provide you with the training and support for your learners while on the program. 

If you accept our learners, we assess him or her in the workplace with the view to gather workplace evidence as part of the criteria for completing their qualification. We will agree with our learner and you (the employer) the timing and frequency of assessment and we will provide technical and other core skills training (for example in Maths and English) typically 'off-site' at our premises.

All of our training is delivered by appropriately qualified professionals, most of whom have come from the same operating environments in which you operate and therefore can align with the awarding body requirements. 

Please contact us on 02086927500 and asked to speak to Mr Olanrewaju or send us an email directly here:

What we do

You may be an employer looking for information on staff and how they may benefit your organisation, or you may be an established employment agency (within Health Care sector, Child Care Setting, Business & Management) looking to work with a training provider; either way, we hope this website and the information below helps answer your questions. 

Please contact us directly on 02086927500 or you may wish to book an appointment with our Head of Division, Adult Learning, Research & Enterprise, please email